Choosing the Right Type of Garage Door

What You Need to Know About Automatic Garage Door Openers

If your garage door opener seems to always fail to work properly, or if you're getting a new garage door or opener installed in your home, it might be good to learn just a little bit about those openers and their systems. This can ensure you choose the right one for your new garage door, and that you know how to keep it operational. Consider a few factors you might keep in mind when it comes to automatic garage door openers, and discuss your options for a new opener and a new opening system with a garage door installer as needed.

The opener doesn't actually open the garage

Your automatic garage door opener doesn't actually open the garage door; instead, it sends a signal to the computer inside the housing unit that operates the chains or springs that control the garage door. If your garage door opener often fails, this can mean that the signal is not reaching the computer as it should; you may have undersized batteries in the opener that don't give it enough power to send that signal to the computer, or there may be an obstruction on the opener that is interfering with the signal itself.

On the other hand, if the garage door opener seems to consistently fail, there may be a problem with the computer inside the housing unit, or with the motor that works the chains and springs, and not with the opener itself. You may need to replace the wiring inside the housing unit, or the opener's chains and springs might be rusted or otherwise damaged and need replacing. It's important to understand what might actually be wrong with your automatic garage door opening system, so that you don't keep replacing remotes when the computer or other parts actually need repair.

An updated garage door opener can improve your home's security

Upgrading to a newer and more modern garage door opener can actually enhance your home's security; today's openers may work with a timer that automatically closes the garage door after a time, so you don't forget to do this when you drive away. A garage door opener can also be wired into your home's security system, so an alarm can sound if someone were to open the garage door with another remote, or if the door is forced open. Some upgraded remotes will also connect to a motion detector and alert you if there is motion around the garage; you can then switch on outside cameras or otherwise monitor your property for potential intruders.