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4 Reasons to Have a Dented Commercial Roller Door Repaired

Dents are a relatively common problem with commercial roller doors. After all, such doors often come into contact with heavy-duty machinery and may need to work in high-traffic environments. In many cases, a dent will be nothing to worry about. However, a dented roller door can lead to several more serious problems. As such, it's best to have dents inspected as soon as possible so any necessary repairs can be arranged.

Here are just four reasons it's important to have a dented commercial roller door repaired.

1. Alignment Issues

When a commercial roller door is dented, it is often knocked out of proper alignment. Even if this doesn't happen right away, the change in weight distribution and the inability of the door to open as smoothly can create alignment issues over time. This means parts such as the rails and springs will be placed under uneven pressure, which can cause them to wear out sooner than expected. A misaligned roller door is also more likely to get stuck as it moves up and down. A stuck door can prevent people and vehicles from accessing your property, and even temporary jams can interrupt workflow.

2. Pressure on the Motor

Commercial roller doors tend to be extremely heavy, which means they need powerful motors for proper operation. Unfortunately, serious dents can make the door harder to open or close, and that means the motor will be placed under added pressure. Over time, it may fail entirely or require more frequent repairs. Since the motor is such an important and expensive part, this is clearly something you want to avoid.

3. Poor Appearance

You might not think the odd dent in your commercial roller door is a big deal, but it's going to send out all the wrong signals. Dents on such a visible part of your building will make your business look less professional. Additionally, dents that go unrepaired can signal to any potential criminals that your property isn't well cared for and is therefore an easy target for theft or vandalism.

4. Damaged Outer Layer

Dents can create small cracks in the outer layer of a commercial roller door, and these slight imperfections can become a problem over time. Rust spots may develop as moisture penetrates and the area beneath is allowed to corrode. Moisture ingress can also impact a commercial roller door's insulation. This can make it much harder to keep the inside of your property at a comfortable temperature.

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