Choosing the Right Type of Garage Door

How a Sectional Garage Door Works and Its Various Advantages

Are you shopping for a residential garage door? Given its large size, your garage door will affect the safety of your home, as well as its kerb appeal.

When installing a garage door in your home, you'll want a door that can keep intruders out while complementing the home's architectural design. You'll also want a door that can last for many years without much upkeep.

Sectional garage doors have become a common sight in modern homes and businesses. Before choosing this type of garage door for your home, you should know how it works and the advantages it can bring.

How a sectional garage door works

As the name suggests, a sectional door consists of multiple hinged panels rather than one single panel. When the door opens, these panels move vertically, sliding up into the garage ceiling one after another. 

When it is time to close the door, the panels come outwards separately until the garage door opening seals fully.

Various sectional garage door advantages

The design and construction of sectional doors lend themselves well to residential and commercial garage door installation. Keep reading to discover how you can benefit from installing a sectional door in your residential garage.

  1. Sectional doors are compact: One of the main advantages of sectional doors is their compact operation. Unlike traditional single panel versions, these doors do not need to tilt outward as they open and close. The hinged panels glide up and disappear into the ceiling of your garage space, allowing you to park your car as close as possible to the garage during door opening. 
  2. Sectional doors are secure: Garage doors are one of the most common entry points into homes and businesses, so you may want to choose the most secure door for your residential garage. Sectional doors provide a high level of protection against intruders, as they do not have a clear target point of entry. Each panel has a separate connection to the door track, making the doors virtually impervious to tampering.
  3. Sectional doors are safe to use: When installed and maintained correctly, garage doors are reasonably safe to operate. However, you should assess the level of dangers that may arise in the event of door failure. Sectional garage doors offer a high level of safety because they won't swing outwards when they fail.
  4. Sectional doors are cost-effective: Although a sectional garage door generally costs more to install, maintain, and repair than most traditional door types, its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance. If only one section of the door gets dented or crushed, you can have just that section repaired. The durability of this kind of door reduces lifecycle costs, thus maximising the return on investment. 

To find out more about sectional garage doors — such as B&D Sectional Doors — get in touch with your local garage door specialist.