Red Flags That Should Urge You to Schedule Garage Door Repairs

Most homeowners overlook their garage door since, unlike ornamental gates or intricately designed entryways, it is not considered a focal point of their residence. Thus, as long as it appears to be in working order, you may not pay any mind to its physical state. However, problems with your garage door do not occur overnight. Lack of consistent maintenance coupled with neglecting the symptoms of a potential problem will leave underlying issues to become exacerbated to the point that the function of the doors is jeopardised.

How Often Should You Lubricate the Parts of Your Roller Garage Door?

Lubricating the moving parts of your roller garage door is a crucial step in enhancing performance and improving the durability of the door. The main parts that require lubrication include steel rollers, hinges, brackets, tracks and springs. Unfortunately, this simple yet important task is usually forgotten or performed when it's too late. If you're wondering how often you should lubricate your garage door parts, keep reading to find out: Routine Lubrication Every Three Months