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How Often Should You Lubricate the Parts of Your Roller Garage Door?

Lubricating the moving parts of your roller garage door is a crucial step in enhancing performance and improving the durability of the door. The main parts that require lubrication include steel rollers, hinges, brackets, tracks and springs. Unfortunately, this simple yet important task is usually forgotten or performed when it's too late. If you're wondering how often you should lubricate your garage door parts, keep reading to find out:

Routine Lubrication Every Three Months

Lubrication should be part of your routine garage door maintenance. Ideally, you should lubricate the components at least once every three months. Moving parts such as the rollers require lubrication to operate smoothly and quietly. Metal parts such as the tracks and hinges come into contact with other components or undergo stretching, and they require lube to keep premature wear at bay. Extension and torsion springs undergo stretching and compression, and lubrication helps prevent wear. Lightly grease the parts with the right lube oil to boost the functionality of the parts. 

Screeching Sounds When Opening

If you've been slacking on routine lubrication of your garage door parts, some signs will signal the need for lubrication. One of the common ones is a grinding or screeching sound when opening or closing the garage door. These sounds usually result from the grinding of metal parts against each other as the door rolls up and down the tracks. You need to lubricate the parts immediately. If you don't, the metal parts will grind against each other and begin to wear.

Jamming Garage Door

Another indication that it's time to lubricate your roller garage door is when the door stalls during operation. A fully functional door should open and close smoothly without jamming midway. However, if parts such as the tracks and rollers aren't lubricated, they can fail to work correctly. This causes the door to stick, and you may have to apply manual force to push it up or down. Lubricate the parts if you notice this problem. The lube smoothens the metal parts, allowing them to glide smoothly against each other.

Deteriorating Cables

Your garage door cables hold a lot of weight when operating the door. Over time, friction and high temperatures can cause the wires to deteriorate. If they wear, they can fail to hold the weight of the door, and this can lead to unimaginable accidents. Lube reduces cable friction and prevents wear from high temperatures. If you notice that your cables look frayed or worn, it may be time to apply some oil to them.

Roller doors require regular lubrication to function correctly. Don't wait for your door components to wear. Lubricate them regularly, and you may end up saving a lot of money in repairs.