Choosing the Right Type of Garage Door

Garage Door

Garage doors are very popular because they protect properties from individuals who may have ill intent against them. A garage door can come in different sizes or shapes. Garage doors can be used as a security measure or a can simply be a cosmetic concealment. Overhead or sectional garage doors are very common in residential areas.

A garage door that is used for commercial purposes usually needs to provide higher security. Commercial garage doors are usually made out of various materials which protect premises against forced entry and are in a roll-up style. This ensures that they are easy to access when opening and closing a business but also strong enough to provide high-end security.

Professional installation

When you are in the process of installing a garage door, it is important that you use the services of a professional. This ensures that the garage door is properly installed and maintains its integrity while in use. Garage doors can be manually operated by the use of hands or automatically operated using motors. Garage doors need to be installed correctly to ensure that components such as door weight and springs are balanced.

If the garage door components are not balanced, they can be a huge safety risk. It may seem easy to install a garage door, but without the use of a professional, the overall weight balance may not be correct. In a case where the hinges, hardware, door opener and track do not work properly, there can be issues such as shifting or jamming. If a garage door does not function properly and it lacks proper maintenance, it can cause bodily injuries. This is why it is very important to install and engineer garage doors properly.

Types of Garage doors

The main types of garage doors are:

  • Panel lift garage doors.
  • Automatic garage doors.

Automatic garage door openers

Automatic garage door openers usually come with remote controls which are used to open a garage door. These kinds of garage doors are very convenient because you can open your garage door without leaving your car.

Panel Lift Garage Doors

Panel lift garage doors are also referred to as sectional doors. They come in different colors and designs to compliment your home. Panel lift garage doors lift the sectional panels, so the garage door will be in an overhead position when opened.

Roller doors and sectional garage doors are different in that the panels move by roller doors sliding up.