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Three Crucial Maintenance Tips for Your Automated Gates

Automated sliding gates require proper maintenance for optimal operation just like their manual, mechanical counterparts. If the gate is neglected, it will begin degrading due to the accumulation of dust, grime and rust. As a result, the aesthetics of your home will be compromised. Also, a poorly maintained structure will not operate as smoothly as expected. Therefore, the automatic opener will experience strain and may fail prematurely. Here are some simple care and upkeep tips to help you maintain the ideal performance and appeal of your automatic residential gate. 

Perform Regular Visual Inspections

You should check the condition of the gate on a regular basis. The inspection is critical for identifying inefficiencies and failure. Typically, residential gates and automatic openers do not fail in an instant. The malfunctions can often be traced to slow degradation. You should examine the main body of your gate for dents, tears and other forms of damage. You should also ensure that the belt or chain drive is in good condition. The tracks on which the gate moves should be clear and free of deformities. In addition, you should inspect the gate opener and the electrical connections as well as the bearings and bushings. If you notice anomalies, you should consult a garage door specialist for troubleshooting.

Clean the Gate for Optimal Appeal

You should clean your automatic gate to eliminate accumulated dirt and other deposits. In general, metallic gates can be washed with mild soap, water and a soft sponge. These products can remove the grime accumulated due to exposure to harsh conditions. When wiping your gate, you should look for signs of rust. Clean off the affected area by scrubbing gently. After cleaning the gate, rinse off the soap deposits and then apply protective wax once the surfaces dry. This process will minimise the possibility of rusting. If you have an automatic wooden gate, you should plan for periodic repainting for ideal results. 

Lubricate the Moving Elements

Finally, you should plan for the lubrication of the moving elements in your gate. The moving components that control the operation of the automatic structure are susceptible to damage due to friction. If the surfaces are completely dry, the gate will move with difficulty, and the internal components will grind roughly. This process could cause the premature failure of essential parts. Therefore, you should purchase an appropriate lubricant to keep the gate operating smoothly. The components that require oiling include pulleys, chains, hinges, rollers and screws. When choosing your lubricant, avoid petroleum-based products because they attract dust.