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How to Maintain Your Home's Driveway Gate

Having a gate in front of your driveway can offer your property added security and protection and also make the property look more stately and elegant. While many homeowners have the mistaken idea that gates are noisy and creaky, the right maintenance can keep gates quiet and working smoothly for years, if not decades. Note a few tips on how to maintain your home's driveway gate, whether it's hinged or sliding so that it operates as it should and is as quiet as possible when in operation.

Solar panels

Adding solar panels to automatic gates is a good way to cut down on your electrical costs and ensure the gates work even during a power outage. Your installer may tell you the best way to keep those panels clean and free of dust, but typically a wipe down with a lightly dampened rag, or a bit of glass cleaner, is enough. Solar panels are usually connected to batteries that convert and store the power they collect, so check the batteries often for corrosion around the connectors, and clean those areas as needed.


A sliding gate will usually have an accessible tension adjuster, and this handle or crank allows you to pull the chain tauter, as needed. If you note that your gate seems to hesitate or suddenly "jerk" open when engaged, the chain may have come loose. Adjust this tension as often as needed to keep the chain taut, and this will ensure it doesn't work as hard to operate, reducing the amount of excessive wear and tear your gate may suffer over the years.

If your gate has a motor that is fully enclosed in a housing unit, and you cannot access the tension adjuster, have a repair person check it on occasion. They can tighten the tension on the chains and also check any gears and belts inside the motor, replacing these as needed.

Oiling hinges

Oiling the hinges of a swinging gate will keep the gate quiet and ensure it's always functional and will also reduce the risk of rust and corrosion forming along the hinges. However, don't assume that a spray of everyday lubricant is enough; many outside gates will need heavy-duty grease, applied with what is called a grease gun, to be properly lubricated. This heavy-duty grease will be thick enough to reach inside the moving areas of the hinge and will also coat the hinge so that it's protected from dust, dirt and other outside debris.

For more information on gate and automatic gate repair, contact a professional.