Choosing the Right Type of Garage Door

3 Critical Factors to Consider When Buying Cyclone Shutters

If you live along the coastline, then the chances are that you understand the devastating effects of cyclones. The strong winds associated with the large-scale air masses can spiral out of control and lift heavy objects in the air with relative ease. Therefore, it is critical to install cyclone-proof garage doors if you want your property to come out unscathed in such cases. However, merely relying on a garage door manufacturer's information is not enough when buying cyclone shutters. You must consider specific factors to select the right cyclone shutter for your property. 

Minimum Wind Speed 

When choosing cyclone-rated shutters, it is essential to determine the minimum wind speed that is likely to hit your region at any time. This is because cyclone shutters don't offer one-size-fits-all protection. Therefore, understanding the minimum wind speed in your region is a critical part of selecting shutters in cyclone-prone areas. The information will help you to know the amount of wind that the shutters can withstand at any given time. By scouring different meteorological websites, you can easily find the minimum wind speeds in your region. Supply the information to your roller shutter supplier so that the seller can select and deliver the right cyclone shutter. 

Exposure Zone

Another factor to consider when buying cyclone shutters is your property's exposure zone, which is typically divided into different categories depending on obstructions. For instance, if you have a property in an urban and suburban area, then the closely spaced structures reduce wind gust speeds. On the other hand, if your home is in an open space with scattered obstructions, then there are fewer windbreakers to slow down wind speeds; therefore, your property is exposed to stronger wind gusts. Consequently, you need stronger, reinforced cyclone shutters in the latter case. Besides, you need even stronger shutters if your property is adjacent to an ocean or large water body because of even stronger gusts of wind. As you buy your cyclone shitters, therefore, let the supplier know your home's exposure zone. 

Home Orientation 

Since the orientation of your home determines whether it is exposed to positive or negative wind load pressure, the home layout essentially determines the type of cyclone shutter you install. In positive wind load pressure, the wind pushes the garage door inwards, and this requires reinforcement to be placed on the inside. On the other hand, negative wind load pressures tend to pull, rather than push, fixed structures. In this case, the reinforcements have to be installed on the outside. Therefore, ensure that you choose a cyclone shutter that matches your house's orientation concerning wind direction.