Choosing the Right Type of Garage Door

What You Need to Know About Garage Roller Doors

Garage roller doors are becoming popular among most residential property owners. This is because of the great benefits they offer. The following highlights various things you need to know about garage roller doors and the benefits you get to enjoy:

Material Composition

For durable and low-maintenance garage roller doors, choose either steel or aluminium. To help you choose between steel and aluminium, you need to know what each offers.

Steel garage roller doors are cheaper than aluminium doors. They are also heavier than aluminium doors and strong enough to withstand harsh weather and burglar break-in attempts. You, however, have to ensure that they are correctly installed by a qualified and skilled installer.  

Look out for insulated steel garage doors for better energy efficiency. To make steel garage doors more resistant to corrosion and rust, you may need to use steel with an added protective coating of zinc, better known as galvanised steel.

Aluminium garage roller doors offer the same benefits as steel garage roller doors. However, they are lighter than steel garage doors. This does not mean they aren't strong. It only means that installing them is easier than installing steel garage doors and they become dented more easily.

Another advantage that aluminium garage doors have over steel garage doors is the fact that you don't have to apply additional protective coatings. Aluminium is naturally rust- and corrosion-resistant. Because of these features, aluminium garage roller doors are much more expensive than steel garage doors.

You can also choose timber garage doors. You will, however, have a lot of maintenance to do to ensure your timber garage door remains strong and durable, which might become expensive. Note that the initial cost of the timber garage door might be high as well.


Of course, different people have different tastes and preferences. This means that you might want a garage door that resembles timber, and another person may want a particular colour or pattern on their garage door. This can be achieved for both steel and aluminium garage doors.

Environmental Factors

Before choosing your garage door, your environment needs to be considered. It is important to identify the various environmental factors that can affect the material you choose.

If your region is frequently wet, timber may not be a good choice for your roller door. Consider steel or aluminium, instead. If salt is present, choose aluminium over steel to avoid corrosion. For areas that experience very strong winds that may carry denting debris, you may be more suited to using steel garage doors.