3 Types of Garage Door Motors You Could Consider

As essential as garage doors are, having to operate them manually can prove to be quite an arduous task. For convenience, many homeowners are looking to motorised their home garage doors. However, selecting garage door motors is not a matter of picking the first one that you come across or the cheapest. It is best to weigh the merits of the options that are available to you so that you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs and requirements. [Read More]

How to Maintain Your Home's Garage Door

A high-quality garage door should last for many years, if not even decades, before it needs any type of repair work or outright replacement. However, maintaining that garage door properly can easily extend the life of its hardware, and ensure it stays quiet as it operates. Note a few simple tips you'll want to consider for maintaining your home's garage door and for keeping it in good working order for as long as you own your home. [Read More]

Garage Door

Garage doors are very popular because they protect properties from individuals who may have ill intent against them. A garage door can come in different sizes or shapes. Garage doors can be used as a security measure or a can simply be a cosmetic concealment. Overhead or sectional garage doors are very common in residential areas. A garage door that is used for commercial purposes usually needs to provide higher security. [Read More]

Indicators of Impending Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors tend to be an underrated aspect of the home because people will typically overlook their state as long as the doors are functioning. This oversight is what allows for garage problems to become aggravated with time, as homeowners are not on the lookout for red flags of gradual malfunction. Consequently, you wake up one morning and find you cannot operate your garage doors, and this can be highly inconvenient. [Read More]